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Introducing ‘Our Secret Potential', the perfect guide for a world in flux. 

Leading crisis into purpose.

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Tessa Richter Book Our Secret Potential

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Our Secret Potential Deck of Cards

Are you seeking to create a life full of meaning, miracles and good health?
Are you ready to activate your secret potential which has been lying dormant?
Have you read “Our Secret Potential” and would like to bring the ideas and
approaches into your daily experience?
If you don't know where to start, this deck of cards will lead the way and
help you focus step by step.


Whether you draw a card once a day or once a week, you will learn about intuition, inspiration, your inner wisdom and trusting your own voice. You will be supported in expressing who you are, and to co-create a new world for yourself and for all of us. Your mind, heart and body will be changed forever in a way none of us can predict, as this will be a quantum leap into a new paradigm. How does this work? With these cards, we propose to weave a network of neurons in your brain into a new form of intelligence. The texts are based on both scientific knowledge of the 21st century, as well as ancient tribal wisdom that goes back to the cradle of humanity and whose efficacy is increasingly being scientifically proven. This enables a connection of our minds, bodies, and souls with a spiritual aspect of existence, which in turn brings us to a new level of life and intelligence. From this perspective many things are possible which, in the old world, we would have termed as miracles. Find meaning and purpose, improve your health and perform at a higher level.


You will need to enter your details to draw cards and you can cancel anytime.


Now is the time to create new leaders. 

Today, our world is in transition. As we shift from how it was, to how it might be, we are looking for a more mindful and sustainable approach to leadership, new meaning and new purpose. ‘Our Secret Potential’ delivers on all fronts and is a perfect guide for a world in flux.
Along with an accompanying workbook and variety of coaching programmes, Tessa explores the processes and tools she’s developed and used herself during the course of her life. 

Ancient wisdom and modern scientific research are brought together in a new, pragmatic approach. This higher form of intelligence is based on inter-connectedness, a fresh mindset and the coherence of our three brains: head, heart and gut.

To lead a world in crisis towards a sustainable and purposeful future, new leaders must learn fresh skills to replace those which are outmoded and redundant. 

Sustainable Leadership

The word „sustainable“ usually evokes the idea of being ecological, environmentally friendly and managing the Earth's resources wisely with longterm goals in mind. We rarely think of sustainability in the context of using our own human resources wisely...

Career Coaching

Would you like to reflect on what's really important in your professional life and how to go about implementing it?...

Sacred Spaces

These are powerful spaces for you to relax, recharge and reset by connecting to the inner pulse of your essence and that of your life. They will be held online and in person, in small to mid-size groups.


Our Programmes


Online Course - Leading Crisis into Purpose

300 Euro

The 12 weekly modules over a course of 3 months are designed to completely change your perception and perspective on life, taking you to a new level of intelligence, performance and well-being. This course provides you with a solid base for dealing with change and finding meaning in challenging times, both in your personal life and as a leader. You will inspire those you lead to create positive and sustainable change in our world in flux.

Workbook & Guidance

500 Euro

The “Our Secret Potential” workbook offers daily exercises and experiments to develop your secret potential according to each chapter of the book.  Included in the programme are two personal email exchanges for advice on a topic of your choice.

Bespoke Coaching Programmes

Price on Demand

Are you ready to develop a sustainable approach to leadership?  Are you facing a crisis you do not know how to cope with? Is there a change you wish to make in your life? Tessa personally guides you and teaches new skills during face to face coaching sessions.

Tessa Richter

Let's Meet

Tessa Richter is an accomplished artist, trained musician, leader in mastering transition and C-suite level coach. She is also a new voice in the personal development sector. 

Having performed at top level herself, she has helped innumerable creatives, specialists and C-level executives find their purpose, develop sustainable leadership approaches and successfully manage crises at pivotal times during their lives and careers.


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