Sacred Spaces

These are powerful spaces for you to relax, recharge and reset by connecting to the inner pulse of your essence and that of your life. They will be held online and in person, in small to mid-size groups.


In a fast-paced and fragmented world, it is vital to slow down and step out of
our daily business. We need times and places where not only all aspects of our being mind, body and soul are reconnected with each other, but where we can tune into a greater form of intelligence. You may call this love or God or Universal Intelligence. This is the place where inspiration comes from and where we can listen to our inner voice and wisdom.


By relaxing mind and body we go deep within, into another state of consciousness than our daily mind, allowing ourselves to connect to our soul and purpose. In scientific terms we connect with the Quantum Field and create coherence of our three brains head, heart and gut. In ancient traditional terms this is where we experience our connection to nature and the world around us in the same way shamans used to and still do in order to heal and guide others.


Painting and exploring your vision

Start next year by taking some time out to reflect & reset

We begin with an inner guided journey to connect with your essence and what might want to wants to come into the world through you in the coming months. Taking this as a staring point, you will explore your vision further in a painting. This a first step to manifesting it. The painting will inspire you and give off information during the process of making your vision come true.

Looking at the result together will enable us to see what can support you on the journey, and where there could be stumbling blocks. Together we will find your next step, enabling you to implement your vision into your life.

  • Vision Workshop

    Painting & exploring your vision
    • January 1st 2023 - 11am to 1pm
    • Via Skype online
    • No Skype account needed
    • Link will be sent before meeting

Group meditation

These are online gatherings every two weeks, Tuesdays at 7 pm for 30
minutes, in the form of a guided meditation around topics of love, allowing us to create circles of power radiating into the world.

We've been doing these circles in German for almost two years and as they have proven to be deeply beneficial for body, mind and spirit, I would like to offer them in English as well. With a minimum of time invested there is a maximum of positive effects.

You will be asked to join for at least 3 months, as we wish to create a safe
environment for everyone to be able to let go and trust the process. Too much fluctuation would disturb the group from connecting on a deeper level.

The circles will take place online and involve only a small number of