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Sacred Spaces

These are powerful spaces for you to relax, recharge and reset by connecting to the inner pulse of your essence and that of your life. They will be held online and in person, in small to mid-size groups.


In a fast-paced and fragmented world, it is vital to slow down and step out of
our daily business. We need times and places where not only all aspects of our being mind, body and soul are reconnected with each other, but where we can tune into a greater form of intelligence. You may call this love or God or Universal Intelligence. This is the place where inspiration comes from and where we can listen to our inner voice and wisdom.


By relaxing mind and body we go deep within, into another state of consciousness than our daily mind, allowing ourselves to connect to our soul and purpose. In scientific terms we connect with the Quantum Field and create coherence of our three brains head, heart and gut. In ancient traditional terms this is where we experience our connection to nature and the world around us in the same way shamans used to and still do in order to heal and guide others.

Painting and exploring your vision

Painting and exploring your vision

Start next year by taking some time out to reflect & reset

We begin with an inner guided journey to connect with your essence and what might want to wants to come into the world through you in the coming months. Taking this as a staring point, you will explore your vision further in a painting. This a first step to manifesting it. The painting will inspire you and give off information during the process of making your vision come true.

Looking at the result together will enable us to see what can support you on the journey, and where there could be stumbling blocks. Together we will find your next step, enabling you to implement your vision into your life.

  • Vision Workshop

    Painting & exploring your vision
    • January 1st 2023 - 11am to 1pm
    • Via Skype online
    • No Skype account needed
    • Link will be sent before meeting

Healing Circle

These are online gatherings every two weeks, Tuesdays at 7 pm for 30
minutes, in the form of a guided meditation around topics of love, allowing us to create circles of power radiating into the world.

After doing these circles in German for almost three years and as they have proven to be deeply beneficial for body, mind and spirit, I am now offering them in English as well. With a minimum of time invested there is a maximum of positive effects.

You will be asked to join for at least 3 months, as we wish to create a safe environment for everyone to be able to let go and trust the process. Too much fluctuation would disturb the group from connecting on a deeper level.


Before committing you’re welcome to join for a free trial session

  • Healing Circle

    Every 3 months
    Heilkreis deutsch: Daten Dienstag 19-19-30 Uhr 13. und 27. Februar 2024, weiter alle zwei Wochen
    • 12.und 26.3.;9.23.und 30.4.;14. und 28.5.;11.und 25.6.
    • Tuesdays at 7 pm for 30 minutes
    • Online Via Skype
    • Links will be sent before
    • You don't need a Skype account
    • Minimum of 3 months

Meditation and Painting workshop

This is a series of 6 weekly sessions, 2 hours each, online. No prior
experience in painting or meditation is required. Tessa will support you
technically in the painting process as required. Bring your own paints or
Tessa will advise what material to get.

The workshop will revolve around a certain topic like change, self-esteem or strength. 

Each individual session follow the same pattern: starting with a guided meditation, allowing the painting process to come from that place deep within.

  • Workshop

    Meditation & Painting 6 meetings
    • Wednesdays 6pm to 8pm CET
    • Via Skype online
    • No Skype account needed
    • Link will be sent before meetings
    • All meetings recorded & can be sent on request

One-on-one coaching session with deck of cards

Are you seeking inspiration for your current situation?

Answers on how to approach a challenging situation in your life or business?

Inspiration and a change of perspective are powerful ways to gain access to our own innate wisdom. They open up a whole new range of possible ways forward and they can also provide the energy to do so.

This is a one-on-one coaching session with Tessa, using her deck of cards. Each card has an inspirational text, some ideas to reflect on, impulses to take action and affirmations to enable experiencing that particular perspective.

Tessa wil draw one or several cards to your question and help you understand their relevance pertaining to your question. There is flexibility as to the emphasis on finding inspiartion or a next step forward. She will answer any further related questions you may have.

Tessa is an experienced life, spirit and business coach for C-level executives. leaders and creatives alike. Here, she offers to take you into a sacred space with the help of the cards, allowing you to connect to the inner pulse of your essence and that of your life.

  • Coaching

    One-on-one coaching session with deck of cards
    • Duration 45 minutes
    • Online Via Skype
    • No Skype account needed
    • Link will be sent before

Testimonial Card Reading


Patricia Anne Elwood, Jungian Analyst.

"I’ve just had an amazing tarot reading with Tessa for which I am so grateful.
Tessa is a multifaceted person with a multifaceted approach of her own, obviously coming from a source of deep wisdom and decades of experience.
I was amazed at how she approaches an issue in depth, direct to the point, and with such meaningful words. I was truly appeased after our session and felt aligned with my path.
As a Tarot reader myself I am aware of the powerful perceptive qualities she possesses which bring one into alignment with the source in oneself. Anyone who has the chance to do a reading with Tessa will receive a true gift. I can only highly recommend her as an expert.
Tessa has created a set of cards from her well of wisdom and I can only say how they convey the magic of synchronistic connection and resonate so profoundly with one’s search for guidance and meaning. Magic has to be experienced to be credible, so i highly recommend a plunge into the hidden spheres of the depths with her Secret Potential cards!
Try them…. Magic awaits you!"

Mysterious inner pulse Music

This music connects you to your inner pulse - both on a physical and emotional level. It has been tested to create a state of COHERENCE between the brain and the heart. Our hearts are important centres of intelligence, rather like a second brain. If we want to function at our best and access our full potential, we need to bring the head and the heart into a state of coherence.

Did you know that a healthy heart does not beat regularly? There are endless chaotic fluctuations in a healthy heartbeat - as opposed to mechanical systems. Doctors have found that there is a problem when a heart begins to beat too regularly. A healthy heart will always adapt, it is flexible.

Our hearts are also in sync with our feelings, thoughts and our physical state of being. When I'm relaxed, my heart beats calmly, when I have strong emotions it beats faster, it may even begin to race. This means we can influence the beat of our hearts with how we think and feel. Or simply by listening to the right music.

In this music, each sound, each instrument has its own pulse like in nature. Listening to the different pulses of each voice, where the inidividual pulse finds its way back, through tension and disharmonies, to the overall pulse, creates a similar effect as a walk in nature or a swim in the sea.

Like to the murmur of water or a bird's song, we are transported into a state of focused relaxation.
A natural feeling of aliveness, as unpredictable as life itself.
Flow and pulse everywhere...


Click on image to view

Your personal sanctuary - customized guided meditation with music

Would you like to create your own sanctuary to step back and see the larger picture ?
Do you want to recharge, heal and make your dreams come true ?

I will help you do this by creating your personal motivational audio recording,using relaxation, mindset and visulaisation techniques. We will incorparate existing resources, such as forms of relaxation you already know and images you've been working with. I will create the special wording and underlay it with selections of music for you to choose.

How it works

Modern science tells us that energy follows our focus. In other words: what we focus on becomes reality. In our everyday life, we tend to focus on problems and issues at hand, thus re-creating them in a loop.

What goes on in our minds is usually defined by our mindset, what we believe to be true, as well as our current experience of reality.It is based on our upbringing, our environment and education, but also on who we believe we are.
To change our reality, we can either change it externally through taking action, and hoping it will have the desired effect. Or we can change the blueprint of how we create internally. Be this for our professional life, health, our relationships or other areas of our lives. For this, we need to take a moment to step out of our current reality, to change perspective, in order to create something entirely new and different. This tool is desigend to help you step back and enable you to focus completely on what you wish to create.

We begin by making a new blueprint in form of a text that also uses imagery. Imagery is known to speak directly to old parts of our brains, bypassing the analytical mind and fear. Images have strong and direct effects on our minds and our bodies, and are easily remembered.
Once we've desigend our new blueprint, we infuse it with our emotions, our hearts to bring it to life. It can begin to manifest. This is done through voicing it out loud. Consider the voice and our emotions as the current that lights up the new connections in our brains and bodies.
Music further enhances this process. The right kind of music can open us to a higher frequency of consiousness, a more positive overall charge of energy. It enables us to step out completely into another sphere, leaving our „normal“ existing reality behind. It also connects us to our hearts, creating a state of coherence between mind, heart and gut, enabling us to find creative way to implement our vision, and take action.

Book an appointment here for bespoke text

Art for inspiration and wellbeing

Get the benefits of spending time in nature by hanging a painting on your wall! Like going for a walk in the woods, spending time by a river, or going to a sacred place of power, and coming back invigorated and inspired.


Temples in Nepal, 112 x 30 cm, photos and acrylic paint on canvas and earth


Place of power Ruschein, 109 x 34 cm, photos and acrylic paint on canvas and earth

For those of you interested in the new field of biogeometry - the measuring and harmonious balancing of energy quality exchange-, Tessa has had her paintings tested for energy and the effect they have on people and the results were fantastic! She says: “I was so thrilled that many were highly rated for their purity and spirituality and the landscape paintings achieved maximum points on all levels: physical, emotional and spiritual”.

ORIGINALS AND PRINTS Browse through my paintings

Mysterious inner pulse Music
Your personal sanctuary
Art for inspiration and wellbeing

Universal symbolic elements, playful reminiscences of tribal images in a modern shape.

The idea of painting on a round grounding was born from the desire to have the same natural limiting space on all sides. It also corresponds to the earth, our living space, the planets and images in mystical traditions (mandalas). Geometric figures appear in many of them as they do in ancient traditions.


Try a new way of seeing: an unfocused gaze allows the figures to „jump“ into different dimensions.

To feel the effect of an image look at it, allow it to communicate directly, on a cellular level with your body. Feel the change. Look for differences in your breathing, temperature, muscle tension, lightness/heaviness of your body, as well as possible thoughts, associations or feeelings that come to mind while looking at it.


Universal symbolic elements


Engineer, 50+ with his own business says:

I was very close to a burnout due to pressure with my business. I had no strength left to keep going. I listened to your motivational CD every evening, even during my holidays in Egypt. At the end of these holidays I found the strength and motivation to get up and do something about my situation. I'm convinced your CD supported me in finding my way forward and in having the courage to take the necessary steps. Your voice is very pleasant, the music flows softly, ideal for meditating. I can only recommend such a motivational CD”

A young woman

IT specialist, came for painting and meditation classes. She was living through a traumatic experience and was suicidal. In our classes, she was able to connect to her own inner strength and express who she was without judgement. She experienced the state of flow, allowing her to step out of the stressful situation she was in, and connect with a deeper level of herself. The images she created further spoke to her in her own language to help her through this challenging time. She is fine and thriving. She says, “I may not have survived without these classes.”

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