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Feb 2022

Tessa speaks on Mental health Support for Teens with a panel of experts.


June 2021

Get Known, Be Seen WebTV

Tessa talks to Trish Springsteen about Our Secret Potential


December 2021

Tessa is interviewed in her function as Coach and Consultant for OTP in the fields of outplacement, career coaching, leadership coaching and assessment since 2010.

November 2020

Interview with a Client; Mark Jackson

Tessa interviews Mark Jackson, who completed my workbook course. He gave his thoughts on the course and why it was so helpful.


Here's a list of Podcasts I've taken part in and enjoyed. Click a link for more details

Aug 2023

The Creative Switch 

The show is dedicated to exploring how to ignite your creative spark and allow it to flourish in every aspect of your life - whether it's in your career, your hobbies or your daily routine.


Listen to my conversation with artist, musician and author Tessa Richter, to find out and hear her views on creativity, health and accessing your full potential.

Having been diagnosed as a Highly Creative Person, she has become an expert on the topic, as well as on how living our potential is connected to our wellbeing. 

Fascinated by what humans can accomplish, her journey has taken her to explore practices from ancient cultures, such as meditation and mindset techniques, on to the realms of modern physics as a way to understand the world we live in. 

In 2020 she published her findings in her second book, Our secret potential - a new approach to purpose, performance and wellbeing in the 21st century. 

For the last 10 years Tessa has been coaching individuals, including C-level executives, who have lost their jobs, are facing health issues or wish to take their creative or leadership skills to the next level. 

Her research over the past decades into understanding how creative processes work and how this energy can be harnessed for a sustainable future for all of us, as well as specifically for those with this gift, has inspired her to write her third book, to be published soon.

In this episode:


  • Tessa tells what she does and explains the meaning of the term' Highly Creative'.

  • We discuss the connection between creative energy and wellbeing.

  • Techniques for connecting with your creativity

  • Tessa talks about working on her latest book.

  • How can you tell the difference between AI and human generated music?

And many many more gems of creative inspiration!


Jul 2021

The Happy Podcast

Tessa talks to Paul Wilson.

May 2021

Emotive Eye

The Personal Connection Podcast: Finding Purpose and focus in a modern world - is it time to embrace a new change?


Below are all the articles I’ve written for magazines that feature Our Secret Potential

Aug 2021

Sublime Magazine


Show the world that your business is making a positive change

June 2021

Positive Health Magazine


I've always been fascinated by what humans can accomplish and intrigued by what we term miracles. I remember, as a teenager, wondering how one could possibly compose such wonderful music as that which I was practising every day on the piano.

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