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Jul 2021

The Happy Podcast

Tessa talks to Paul Wilson.

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Below are all the articles I’ve written for magazines and articles that feature Our Secret Potential

Aug 2021

Sublime Magazine


Show the world that your business is making a positive change

June 2021

Positive Health Magazine


I've always been fascinated by what humans can accomplish and intrigued by what we term miracles. I remember, as a teenager, wondering how one could possibly compose such wonderful music as that which I was practising every day on the piano.

May 2021

Emotive Eye

The Personal Connection Podcast: Finding Purpose and focus in a modern world - is it time to embrace a new change?

TV Interviews

Here's are interviews featuring Our Secret Potential. Click a link for more details

June 2021

Get Known, Be Seen WebTV

Tessa talks to Trish Springsteen about Our Secret Potential


November 2020

Interview with a Client; Mark Jackson

Tessa interviews Mark Jackson, who completed my workbook course. He gave his thoughts on the course and why it was so helpful.