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Being (Highly) Creative – Your Superpower

Are you highly gifted, multi-talented or (highly) creative?

Creativity is not only a unique talent, but also a very special energy at your disposal. I help you channel this energy. From the multitude of possibilities, we find your specific purpose and how it wants to express itself at the current time, based on the following principles: 

Diagnosed as highly gifted and, later in life, as highly creative, just about any route was open to me: from becoming a journalist or a medical doctor to a lawyer or a musician. In over 40 years I have learned how to take one step at a time to realise my potential: as a classical professional musician, professional visual artist, as a business owner, spiritual consultant and finally as a career and leadership coach for business people and executives. 

Now I use all the skills, experience and knowledge I've gained about creating and the creative process to help (highly) creative persons or those who wish to learn about the creative force and apply it, to create what matters in life, in business or with regards to health.


I use a wholistic approach, which includes both emotional and practical support, to help you bring your potential into the world. My specialty is showing you how to best use the incredible power of creativity to create a fulfilling and successful life in good health, and experience this force as your direct line to spirit.


Career coaching – development of your potential – channelling the highly-creative energy- finding purpose and meaning- leading crisis into purpose 

"You can't teach creativity, all you can do is let it blossom." Peter Gray

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Art Coaching - Creativity Training

Expressing who you are in your art, your life and your business

  • You’ve always wanted to paint, set up your own business, but haven’t known how to go about it?

  • You’re onto a (creative) project, and don’t know how to finish it?

Flying to the moon and beyond –
being a highly creative person in a world that doesn't understand

Being highly creative is not for the fainthearted. It is definitely a mixed blessing. Confronted with its challenging aspects of rejection, being misunderstood, not belonging, whilst battling your inner deamons of worthlessnness, doubt and inferiority, there seem to be two choices: conform to the norm, and hide this gift away in the depth of oblivion, or express it and be lonely. Either way, you will feel cut off. Cut off from yourself and the incredible potential you carry within you. Or cut off from the rest of the world around you.

So, what is the blessing, you may ask?

21 min read - Article - Tessa I. Richter

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