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Sustainable Leadership

  • Are you ready to explore unused potential that can create a more sustainable future for you and those around you?

  • Would you like to develop skills and tools that can take you there?

'Our Secret Potential' programmes move away from the idea of humans needing to work more, harder and longer to achieve their goals. They take clients on a journey, where they explore unused forms of intelligence such as inspiration, intutition and co-creating with life as it is. This leads to a whole new sustainable and healthy way of living. Using our full human potential allows us to go beyond anything we might have imagined so far, accessing a new dimension, which machines and technology will never be able to compete with.

The word „sustainable“ usually evokes the idea of being ecological, environmentally friendly and managing the Earth's resources wisely with longterm goals in mind. We rarely think of sustainability in the context of using our own human resources wisely to create lasting good health and perform at a high level with purpose and meaning, by creating an environment of cooperation and trust for ourselves and others. Yet this is certainly equally important if we wish to create a better future for humanity on this planet.

Tessa I. Richter, author of 'Our Secret Potential' has spent her life exploring the connection between living to our full potential, top performance and well being in her various successful careers as a performing professional musician, a visual artist, business owner and Executive Coach. The simple processes and tools she's developed have enabled her diverse clientele, including creatives, C-level executives and IT and marketing specialists, to find purpose and meaning in challenging situations and to perform at their best, while managing their emotional, mental and spritual resources to create a flow of good health.

«People need to learn how to use their three brains: the head, the heart and the gut», states Tessa. «Only if we create coherence between our 3 brains, can we take our human potential to a new level».


COO and CFO lost his job due to restructuring of company. At the same time, he injured himself seriously doing sports. This man was highly driven and a high achiever. Reflecting on his situation, he came up with the statement that he hated himself. We talked about self- love and how it affects our health and performance. He was willing to try practicing it on a regular basis. This enabled him to heal deep issues he had with his father and move forward, performing with more ease. He has thus become a sustainable leader for others.

Career Coaching

  • Are you looking for a new job or thinking about a change of direction within your career?

  • Would you like to reflect on what's really important in your professional life and how to go about implementing it?

  • Are you wanting to create a sustainable work environment 

  • and develop new tools for mental health and wellbeing?

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Career Coaching

Mental Training for Health and Resilience

Fields of Application

> Professional, private or health challenges
> Burnout and conflicts
> Pressure and stress
> Wanting to improve performance and achieve goals
> Desire to reach a higher level of creativity
> Developing unused potential


> Easy to learn and apply daily on one’s own
> Tailored to each person's situation and needs
> Sustainable and long-lasting results
> Active contribution to positive outcomes 

> Cost effective

How it works

To make changes, we can either take action and hope it will have the desired effect, or we can change our creative blueprint.

Our system does not differentiate between what we experience in real life and what we simply imagine in our minds. This is true both for pleasant and for stressful situations that create anxiety, doubt or pressure. In both cases – whether real or imagined - our bodies, our nervous system, our organs and muscles, as well as our thoughts and emotions react the same way.

With the help of positive images, emotions, thoughts and narratives we create physical and mental wellbeing, healing and success. It is not possible to be anxious or stressed, when one is completely relaxed or feeling positive. We create narratives in which we are in charge and contributing actively to a positive outcome. 




This was by far my hardest set of job interviews. I had approximately 25 interviews over the course of 4 months. The start point was my CV. Thanks to you for making this a superb version.

CFO of an international insurance company

Performing and presenting

Thanks to the coaching with Ms Richter, I was confident and successful at a customer's event, and I was excellently prepared .

Manager Swiss Telecom Company

Amazing step forward at age 58

Until recently I would never have dreamed that at my age and with my special situation I would take such an immense step forward in my career. I am, of course, incredibly happy and looking forward to this new challenge.
Ms Richter's support and advice helped me enormously in digesting and coming to terms with how I had to leave my former employer, with making me fit for the work market, and the necessary build up of my confidence for that. A lot of time and regaining the belief in myself made this incredible success possible.

Highranking public figure who wished to remain anonymous

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