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Online Course - Leading Crisis into Purpose

This programme consists of 12 weekly modules, each building on the previous one and all inter-connected. They are designed to completely change your perception and perspective on life, enabling new skills that will take you to a new level of intelligence, performance and well-being.

This course provides you with a solid base for dealing with change and finding meaning in challenging times, both in your personal life and as a leader. Those you lead will feel inspired by you, creating positive and sustainable change in our world in flux.


We will take you through the basics of developing your secret potential, exploring purpose and the use of our three brains:


You will learn to create coherence between these brains, and you will be introduced to new concepts and approaches that open up a whole new level of skills that help create new ways forward with more options.


Another key skill is learning to change perspective to co-operate with life as it is, besides learning how to use dormant skills such as inspiration, intuition and gut feelings in a new way that is more conscious and deliberately.





To make this process and the development of new skills, perspectives and processes sustainable, we will have 4 sections to each week:


  1.  Introducing the ideas and new concepts and processes for the week,

  2.  Reflecting and exploring these for myself in a personal sense,

  3. Implementing what I've discovered into my daily life,

  4. Practicing a new skill or process.


Learning these new skills and uncovering your secret potential that you access through purpose and loving who you are, will allow you to accomplish feats you might have formerly termed miracles.

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