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Tessa's book is a bridge between two worlds: The world of the logical mind, and the one of miracles, grace, and belief.


Reading this book has been one of my personal growth experiences on the road to feeling safe, and believing that life is meant to be exciting and engaging, full of curiosity and discovery – about myself and the world.

This book gave me scientific proof and helped me bridge my logical mind's relentless need to make sense of things, and find scientific proof of the possibility that there is more than logic out there for us humans.

Lili ben Haim

Reading “Our Secret Potential” is like opening the door to a flow of positive energy. This is definitely not the kind of book that lays idle on a bookshelf once you’ve read it.


You just keep dipping in and out because there is so much to discover about yourself, others and new life perspectives. It’s a great handbook for anyone seeking purpose in this crazy, but beautiful world of ours.


Louise Richards

Tessa understood where I was at in terms of my business and life and taught me tools tailored for me and my personality. These tools captured my ideas, values and potential direction. 


Without being pushy Tessa nudged me to understand my potential and take responsibility for my life and what I really wanted to do, creating options for work as well as in my personal life. Confidence in yourself brings a light that others see in you!


Before meeting Tessa, my future scared me; I would hide and live in denial, instead of facing things head on. Now, with a powerful strategy, thanks to her, I feel confident and even excited about my future.

Ian Burnell

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