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 Programmes - Workbook & Guidance 

Workbook & Guidance

500 Euro

The “Our Secret Potential” workbook offers daily exercises and experiments to develop your secret potential according to each chapter of the book.  Two original music tracks accompany the workbook and some sections are presented as audio files.  Included in the programme are two personal email exchanges for advice on a topic of your choice. 

This programme will take you through the basics of developing your secret potential, exploring purpose and the use of our three brains head, heart and gut. You will learn to create coherence between the brains for a higher level of performance and greater well-being. You will be introduced to new concepts and approaches that open up a whole new level of skills in dealing with change, creating new perspective and new options. Together with learning how to use dormant skills we have considered to be unreliable, such as inspiration, intuition and gut feelings, this will bring you to a new level of accomplishing feats you might have formerly called miracles. 

The basic ideas for each chapter are introduced before you delve into the exercises and experiments that will enable you to integrate them into your life. You can go through the workbook at your own pace either in the order it is presented or by dipping in and out. 

The two email exchanges can explore any topic of your choice, either concerning the workbook or a question you have about your current life or career situation. Whatever it is, email Tessa and she will answer you personally.

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